Not living

We are raised to go to school , then do homework try our best to get good grades. Once you are old enough go to college or work a 8-5 or 9-5 every single day. It gets repetitive, but it earns you money so we keep pushing through. I always wanted to be a vet, help animals in need, vets and doctors and lawyers will Always be needed. Yet, as I kept working my job at a vet clinic I realize is this really for me? I am young, I want to explore and sure I may need money for that but not really. There always new places to explore that are free like nature walks,park,beaches etc. Heck as I am writing this I’m on a sidewalk behind a pharmacy that I never knew was here. Looking up at the clouds seeing one that looks like a duck face, kind creepy looking half evil or just a really happy duck face. My whole point is that we have a routine and some may enjoy it,but I don’t. I like change, I want to face something new everyday or at least every week. Mostly good changes. I am exhausted of waking up in the morning just to be yelled at by someone who isn’t even my true boss. I am exhausted of working so hard just to pay off my student loans plus my bills. So I have decided to go back to something I always wanted to do. I am going to start a rescue there always a need for more. Plus, I get to hold events such as adoption events. Plus I get to stay in the helping animals flied. The whole point of this is I realize I wasn’t living , I was just working and working isn’t living.


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