I am not one to audition, but lately seen my brother so involved in things made me wonder what if. It a crazy life , and what if my true calling is not what I originally thought? What if I audition and I succeed? So what if I failed at least I tried.  I know I am all over the place, point is I been so focus on school for the passed 8+ years, that I didn’t audition to play sports, be apart of a team. I feel like I missed out, so why not do something I always wanted to do? Audition for voice overs, become an actress. I know cliche but what if it turns out to be magical? I know its hard work, if I do get some work, but how will I know if I like it or not if I haven’t even tried to audition. That my friends changes today. I am going to be auditioning for some roles, so if you need me well my contact info is on this site.




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