Me too

If you haven’t seen the “Me too “ status or saying on Fb I am sorry, but you are living under a rock. The saying “Me too” are the voices of the victims that have been sexually harassed or assaulted. Now just because someone doesn’t say it doesn’t mean they haven’t been through it. I saw a post that literally explains why there more
People keeping quiet than saying the phrase “Me too”. Simply we live in a rape culture. We live in fear and we live in a judgmental society. The first things ladies get asked is if they were drunk,what were they wearing, and what did they do to provoke the situation. As for guys, they get called weak for not fighting back,or simply they just don’t believe it. If you think that wasn’t enough the phrase “me too” and the post I saw made me realize another part of this. People ask questions that you may not feel comfortable answering, your friends can turn on you simply , because you didn’t come to them for help. The post I saw also stated that they worried they would become a liability at the work place if they said “me too.” I have no idea how to explain any of this. I am one who has gotten cat calls many times,but not assaulted or been victim of sexual harassment. However, I can use my voice and this platform to spread the word. There are millions of both women and men who been through this, yet nothing gets done!!!!!!!!Adding on to the emotional trauma and sometimes physical trauma one faces after the horrible situation. We as a society fail to recognize who truly to blame. We fail to listen, and we fail to help. Now I say we listen to the stories of those who wrote “me too” and do something about it.

I know it not easy to say “me too” or to share your story and I may not know you but if you are a “‘me too” person you are stronger than you think. Even if you didn’t share it on fb.

The person that wrote the fb post, that I saw thank you for writing it. I give you credit Miss.F. (Don’t want to share her name b/c I am not allowed to without her permission) so until then we will give credit to Miss.F which is her.


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