At it Again

For those of you have read the blogs “Because of You” you will know how much I really don’t care about this, but I wanted to shared because I think parents need to remember that sometimes they can learn a thing or two from their kids. So, my mom and I are the ones that pay the bills, my brother helps as well, but I am the only one who knows the passwords to our accounts. I am only authorize to change one thing, the phones. Okay really boring story… I know but bare with me it gets juicy. So for the pass two months my mom and I noticed that the bill was higher, we thought it was a late fee so we went and paid our bills. Second month same thing happens our bill is a bit high again we paid it off. Third mothn comes, and we noticed the same thing, this time my mom especially gets angry. Thus, we called and found out that my so call “father” was calling to Cuba. Wait for it.  We don’t have international calling, thus him calling Cuba we got charge way overboard. Wait for it…. so I did a little digging and found the number that he was calling to in Cuba. Guess who he has been talking to? Guess? Any guess? Remember he has 8 kids, had 7 wives…6 wives since one passed. Any guesses yet? ….. If you guess one of the 7 wives you are correct. What makes this more juicy is that he is talking to his ex, the one he left for my mom. Now, my admit thought is that he is cheating on my mom. But Ledi how can he cheat on her if his ex is in Cuba? There always a way, and the fact that he already lied about it makes me think something fishy is going on, and I highly know that he is planning something big. So many questions to be answers, I know I will explain. One , I could be 100% wrong that he not cheating on my mom, but I can also be 100% sure that he is. Plus, I am pretty sure I am correct on my theory because when you know you know. How can he cheat when she in Cuba and he is in the state? Simple, flirting with another is cheating, talking to your ex for hours and then lying about it my immediate reaction going to be cheating especially since this is not his first time cheating. Now my theory is, my older brother ..lets call him Tim.. Tim is pressuring dear old “dad” to get him,his son,his wife,and his mom out of Cuba with fake promises. Tim, tired to do that with me, but I am not dumb and know when people are lying even through texts. Basically, there only two theories, one he is a cheating once again, or he trying to get his son and his whole family out to feel redemption. Now, here is why I think he is cheating. First of all, he can not by law get anyone out of any state without my help, or my younger brother Al help…once he turns of age. Second of all, why wouldn’t he tell us that he trying to get my brother Tim and his family out. Third of all why lie, when my mom and I already know the truth. After we found out the number, we called and got a few people to help to determined whom number it was. After a while that number kept calling back asking for “father” thus my mom called him and simply ask who number it was(remember mom… knew who it was by this point) he straight up lied and said he never heard of that number, never called that number, and doesn’t know who in Cuba is calling. So what this all of this have to do with parents learning from their child. Well, my mom should trust my instincts a lot more when it comes to this person. He comes “home” once a week only for food, acts like he owns the place and doesn’t help much with bills because he has another place down south.  For years, I was scared of this person, but no longer because we gave him so many chances, and he ruin his very last one with me. Now don’t think I am a heartless b****, naw I have a heart and I forgave him and both Al and I tried to fix our bent relationship with him. However, we didn’t do it because we wanted to, we did it for our mom happiness and now that he ruined that even if  he cheated or not.. he lied… and that something none of us stand for.


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