Pain is Personal

I have to get this off my chest, it pisses me off that some people think pain is just mental. It pisses me off that people don’t understand the concept or the reality of pain. Truth be told, pain is personal but it can be physical along with mental. However, no one not even your own doctor can say “you are lying , there no pain” or “the pain is all just in your head.”

I was with a friend from high school who we shall called Jared. Jared and I we talk here and there we were just normal friends. Like everything and everyone over time Jared changed a lot which I noticed from my visit. It may have been that he hasn’t changed and I saw Jared as he truly is now, or that he has completely changed. Jared introduced me to one of his friends and team mates name Jay. Now Jay, is this strange cool dude they were just playing a match of soccer you know just for fun. After a while Jay, starts getting a pain in his ankle. Being part of a medical family and studying in the medical filed my first thought is “are you okay? Jay simply reply “I don’t know it just randomly hurts.” Of coursing I am thinking maybe its a muscle spam you are playing sports.  After a while Jay stops drinks water and try’s to shake off the pain. Again, I ask “Are you okay?” Before Jay can answer what comes out of Jared mouth not only pissed me off and I regret not telling him off but I had no place to stay expect Jared house for the night so I stayed quiet. Jared said ” Shake it off, its all in your head.” The cycle of me asking Jay if he was okay continued for about the 5 hours they practiced. Each and every time Jared said “It was mental, Pain is not real.” Getting my blood boiling to the point I wanted to slap him. Prior to this I was already upset with Jared (that another story) so add in the fact that he said “Pain is not real” pissed me off. I noticed a few things about Jared that I never knew before like he is one of those people who “always know what best and tells you what you should do or consider doing.” I do not like people like that, but I especially don’t like people who think Pain is not real. Let me tell you something Pain is 100% real. It is an emotion, it is something psychical that only YOU, YOURSELF AND ONLY YOU CAN FEEL. Even if pain is mental or in someone head ITS FREAKING REAL!!! LISTEN TO ME VERY CAREFULLY: NO ONE, NOT EVEN A FREAKING DOCTOR CAN DENY THE FACT THAT YOU ARE IN PAIN IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. PAIN IS INTERNAL, DOCTORS USED PAIN LOCATION TO DETERMINE WHAT IS WRONG! PAIN IS REAL. PAIN IS DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE!

Since, I had no other place to go, I just did my best in constantly asking Jay if he was okay and trying not to slap the heck out of Jared. I did the best that I could do because sometimes all you need is a person who cares and who knows what they are talking about.

What I mean by Pain Location: If you are hurting internally the first thing doctors ask is “Where does it hurt?” How long has the pain been there? and more questions to figure out what wrong.

What do I mean by Pain is different for everyone? Well, my right side can be hurting but it may be just a muscle spam happening while my mom right side hurting can be her appendix.

Pain is internal? Well only you can feel your pain, not anybody else.


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