Look at me Now

I finally moved out and no where need that a whole that help produce me. Yet, he still tries to get into my life. He wants me to help out my mom by splitting jobs. This is what I mean, my mom currently has a job back at her place. She got an offer to live in a new city a few hours away you know living-in person type of thing.  Since the new job offer is located only and hour and a few min away, A whole gave her the idea of why don’t I take some shifts since we do have my younger brother to worry about. Here my thing though, why can’t a whole step up and be a father for once? Why doesn’t he go to my mom place and help her out with my younger brother? Sure he and my brother don’t get along but he should be helping out his wife! Now don’t get me wrong I love my mom, and of course I am going to help her even if I have to drive an hour every three days. What I don’t like and why I am piss is that he thinks I can’t “adult” again like my post How would you Know? He wouldn’t know that I been adulating my whole life! Especially when I got to college. I work and earn my money to pay for food, sure I struggle a bit and sure my mom help me with tuition cost here and there but my point is  I can do this. Life has been playing games on me one day something good happens the other something bad then good then bad and so on. Do you know what that has done to me? Beside emotional breakdowns here and there it showed me that there are many many solutions to problems and that I am strong enough to handle it and to that I say Look at Me Now!!!! Here a word to advise by the way when people start doubting your ability to do anything from graduating, to be on your own, or not being able to live with people do what I do and prove them wrong.  That another thing life has taught me and I always have. I know I am all over the place with this, but my own point of this blog was to show you guys that I got out a bad situation and that a whole is still trying to control certain things his way but all you have to do if your abusive person still trying to take control after you left don’t let them win. Don’t give up. I know its easier said than done but I believe in myself and there always help where you least expected it.


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