What type of Person?

I never knew how, I always knew why, but I never knew how. This is not my story to tell, but I am …shocked..disgusted that we share the same blood.  As you may know, I have multiple blogs about my “father”, but fair warning do not read this at night and if you have a weak stomach don’t continue to read this. …..What you need to know is that My “father” in total has eight (8) kids, including myself.  What I can’t get through my head is what type of person cheats on their pregnant girlfriend or wife or baby momma? You think that the worse part oh no honey. My oldest half brother lost his mom, because my “father” didn’t love her. She committed suicide. I knew that, but I didn’t know how. Today, I found out that she burn herself to death. What pissing me off is that my “father” didn’t even try to raised his first born, you know who raised him… his grandparents.  You know what worst? He cheated on my mother as well years later! (Once a cheater always a cheater)! How can a person be so.. I have no idea what to call this cruel? inhuman?  I have so many questions for my  oldest half brother! I don’t know the whole story and I won’t ask to know because like I said this is not my story to tell. How can a person have 8 kids and only one care for him? That is saying something! How can a person be like this? I don’t understand nor want to, because now I def refuse to call him anything but his real name.

P.s I want my readers to know that just because someone doesn’t love you, even if you have a child together… its for the better. If you need someone to talk to or call or simply listen… please call   1-800-273-8255 that the national suicide prevention line and they are open 24/7.  Sometimes it helps to talk to a stranger. 


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