How would you Know?

If you are new, or haven’t read my posts for a while. Well in short my “father” and I don’t have the father-daughter relationship others have. Honestly, I am okay with it because although I do have some characteristic like he does the one thing that separate us is that I don’t give up.  You see , I haven’t been attending school after roommate drama (Read my blog “Life Over Anything” for more info on that situation) nor have been I working traditionally. Yet, I am still studying for both the MCAT and the GRE (both American testing after college to get into graduate school). Plus, I am working as a tutor, as a seller (selling old clothes that don’t fit me, or that I brought and never worn), plus the work that I don’t get paid for like being a sister to my brother  and a daughter to my mother. I let him “my father” borrow my car to fix his, now that I need mine back, he is not giving it back until he done fixing his. His reasons which he told to my mother and not to me was ‘If she not doing school or working why does she need a car.” I got piss at that, really pissed and ask “How would you Know?” When he is here that once or twice a week do you think he tries to see what his kids are up to? Sure he ask my mom, but my mom has had enough of him she dislike him here because every time he ruins her plans especially when he comes unannounced. I know what you are thinking why does my mom still put up with him. Well honestly, I have no freaking idea, but I am guessing it has to do with her constantly saying “no matter what he still your dad.”Adding more things, of how would he know if I help my mom cook, with laundry, you know being the traditional “daughter” being raised to be a house wife. (Of course there, nothing wrong with being a house wife, its just how the hell would he know what I do and don’t do?Or what I like to do? Or do the things that I do, such as writing. How the heck would he know? The answer is simple, he won’t know.  Anyway, my point of this is if you really want to know what your kids are up to, spend time with them, don’t ask the other parent or the siblings, spend time with them and see what they really are doing. Another point of this is never assume because it can cost you. You know what him saying “if you not going to work or school why do you need a car” is going to cost him? It going cost him? Me not giving him a dam dime when I am successful and I am not far from it. It going to cost him the “daughter” that could have saved all his issues simply because I am  the one that has had a college education, but then again How would he know?


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