I am Exhausted from trying to be the perfect daughter, I am exhausted giving my all to everyone and anyone. I am exhausted getting stress more than my own body can handle. I am exhausted of crying and complaining, and most of all I am exhausted of putting myself down or hurting my self. Ripping off my bits of my skin because my nails dig in so deep. I am simply exhausted of the yelling, the arguing of hating that this place is no longer home but just a place or where my parents live. I am exhausted that every time I come I get judged by my physical appearance, so what if I look like a fat hippo or so what if I don’t want to straight my hair. I am just physical and emotionally exhausted, stress and freaking done dealing with this emotional abuse at my age. What am I going to do about it? I am finally leaving, even if I may struggle, I rather be on my own then to be with people who constantly judge me, put me down and still think I am a child. I rather be alone then to be with people who emotionally put me down. I finally have some money saved where I can get up and go, and this will be happening soon. You can count on it, because I am exhausted of not feeling human or welcome.


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