Life over Anything

Depression, mental illness, all sad stuff no one really wants to admit that they have or things we as a society don’t know how to handle. I can tell you I have no idea how to handle it and I do have time where I get mild depression.  Yet, the difference between me and others is that I refuse to give up and to fit in any kind of label. While, in University I had a few roommates one which suffer from many things and took medications for many things. It not my place to say what those medications or things are, and I am not going to share it for all the web to see. Anyway, one day that one roommate got so mad while having a conversation that they end up slamming the dinner table. It was because I and a lot of other people asked “When are you getting a job, or How are you going to pay rent?” It became to much for them, that eventually their parents thought of me being the parent to this one roommate, making sure they ate, went to school,clean and etc. Now this is a 18 maybe 19 year old in college and unless I adopted someone from a government agency or push someone out of my vajay or c section I am no one parent. However, that beside the point, I should have know that roomy with this person was going to be trouble. The first sign was the slamming on table, the second time was Facebook post, whenever we would argue cruel,vivid horrible things were said to the point where I did not feel safe anymore. I did what I had to do, I had to leave, and I did. It cost me, to lose my education because I had no where to stay although some friends did offer to stay with them for a few days. Plus the university did help, however, my grades were dropping and I was still scared of saying this roommate on campus. Yet, I do not regret the decision of leaving because although I still have nightmares about it I see the bright side the situation brought me. It brought me,my accept into a Americrop program, it brought me time to spend with my family, it force me to take time to myself, and I reunited with old high school friends. Point is I will chose my safety and my life over anything even if it cost me my education. Like my momma always says “It better to be safe, then sorry.”


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