Sims 4 Rocket Power(90’s Tv Show)

As a writer, you get to imagine and create things you never thought you would. Writing is a way to express one creativity and when you enjoy the sims as much as I do you get ideas. I have been binge watching The life of Kevin. Thanks to my binge watching and the craziness that sims get into I started to wonder about certain character from some of my favorite TV shows from the 90s. One of them being rugrats, why not continue where the show “All grown Up” left off. All grown Up follow the adventures and the life of our dear Rugrats friends. Yet, something better came to mind, why not go back in time and create a story line for the Grandma of Tommy, Dil & Angelica Pickles. We only hear or see a picture of her once or twice in the entire Rugrats series. I wonder if people created them, forgetting that the Sims 4 been out for a long while. There were a lot of rugrats characters, although not so much Youtube content beside making them actual babies since Sims 4 updated to have toddlers. Then I started to wonder about other shows, one of them being Rocket Power. I search the gallery and there was only one person who created the four main characters. My mind started to wonder, and came up with two different stories. As a fellow simmer, I deiced to record it and ask because I can’t deiced which one to pick. Thus, I am asking you the same thing.

Rocket Power follows the adventures of Reggie, Otto, Twizzer & Sam. Spoil alert Reggie & Otto are siblings and unfortunately, their mother Danielle Rocket is no longer on earth. Ray Rocket marries Danielle Best friend Noelani years later and that where the series ended. Now the question is do we go back in time and see what Danielle life before she has the kids? Or Do we continue the adventures of the kids along with Ray and Noelani’s new journey?

Rocket Power Sims 4Sims 4 Rocket Power 

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