Pissed Off

So I typically don’t post on Wednesday but I am so pissed. I just found out that the person I didn’t want to become secretary of education became it. Now, I am not typing nor or saying her name because if I do I am going to go on a longer rant. Anyway, I am pissed because it was by one fucking vote, one more vote thus she got the position. I don’t get political on my post, however, I am fucking piss because educational rights and education fights are some of my personal issues that I stand for. I am a Latina immigrant who had to learn English as a second language, I had no help from mom because she too had to learn. I was a part of the ESOL program until second grade. I had to learn on my own to do the basic in homework plus study a bit harder to actually understand it. I am pissed because of the things she said about public schools.I am piss because public schools are going to be hit the hardest out of this outcome. Public school now need our help more than ever and as pissed as I am, I came up with my solution, I have been a tutor for a while for kids ages 5-13 in varies subjects. I have also been to both public schools from elementary-high school, and I have been to private university. I have friends that have studied, or are teaching right now working with all different type of age group and personality. I have the connections and the ability to try to do my part to help students. Thus, I am offering my services of tutoring and will try my best to help those in my county. I encourage you to do your part, search tutor jobs, or post it on social media, share this blog, get the word out.



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