It’s seems that I am finally learning and seeing things that I never thought imaginable. As you grow older , I think you learn more about the things around you. Let me explain, also story time:

Long time ago ,when we first move to one state to another my family of 3 (plus my “father”) moved in with his cousin who has a husband and two daughters. Her father in law also live with her. Fast foward a few years when my cousins start working for the first time all her money went to bills and for the family very few went towards her. My mom vowed that she wasn’t going to do that. Fast toward, my brother and I are the one paying bills. Well, my brother is for now and he doesn’t like it. It may be because he still in his teens year, but I have met mangers that we’re kick out or sign paper work to be on their own at his age. Yet, I get it, I am 22 and dislike adulting, we weren’t born to just pay bills, we weren’t born to pay other people bills, even our parents. I understand where my brother is coming from, my mom refuse me working while attending school , so maybe he jealous of that. I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that I want to leave this place because I don’t feel at home. Whenever I’m there I get stress,ask a million questions and when I work none of that money goes toward me. It goes towards the bills. I think my brother and I are both unpleased with the situation because we know who’s fault it is that we are in this income status. Sure we can change it and yea we are working towards it, yet we shouldn’t be the ones fixing you  know whos mistakes right? Especially since we don’t consider that person related to us. I think we pay bills to make sure our mom is okay, to make sure she has everything she needs. However, I have my suspicions that she keeps some things away from us, like how much she truly needs. Yet, if I can’t trust my own mom who can I trust? I guess time will tell if I am right or wrong. As for the money paying , I’m paying fair share one last time before I move to my own new place.


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