Struggling with Costochondritis

One minute you can be on top of the world but within a minute anything can happen.

It was on a summer day sometime in June when I was cooking some eggs and chicken for breakfast. Out of nowhere this tense sharp pain that felt like someone was hammering my breast to stay onto my body. I quickly turn the stove off and called my mom for help. She asked what side the pain was coming from and I told her it was my left side. Quickly, she asked if my arm was hurting I answered no. Then she proceeded to tell me to get two index finger and to touch where it was hurting. If I touch and it hurt, she would know it wasn’t a heart attack. I touch where the pain was coming from using my two index fingers as instructed and to our relive it was not a heart attack. She had me lay on the living room couch to see if the pain went away, after fifteen minutes she called the doctor and scheduled an appointment for that same day. I am not going to exhaust you with the details and I am sure by the title that you know what I was diagnosis with that day. I was diagnosis with Costochondritis an inflammation of the cartilage that connects my ribs to my sternum. The doctor told me that this could go away on its own however, there are rare cases where it does not. Unlucky me, I am one of those rare cases where it’s not gone and also a rare case because we have no idea how I go it. I took medication for it for a few weeks then it started acting up again and it been acting up again to this day. To my surprise, this condition is a lot common than I would have thought.  I want to write a story based off my experience with the struggles that I have but I wanted to know your opinion is this something people would be interested in? Let me know.


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