Because of You: Nightmare

After that accident, he spent some time out of the country traveling to place trying to make more money. I was happy he wasn’t around and didn’t care that he wasn’t home at all, he wasn’t there for my graduation, brother biggest birthday yet his actions of being out of the Country and a nightmare made me make a big decision. It was august of 2012, my mom and I were packing for me to leave home for the first time ever. College was about three and half hours away, but thirty minutes to an hour near my aunt in case I ever needed anything. I was excited to explore, meet new people, experience things I never have. Unfortunately, this nightmare made me stay for another year. At this time my so called “father” was out somewhere in South American I don’t know much details of his locations I just remember the nightmare. There was a room where two shadows pass by, it was a gray room with white flashing lights, two white beds and another shadow underneath one of those white beds. I couldn’t see the face, I wasn’t able to see if it was female or male. I do remember that shadow under the bed saw blood coming out of the other shadow. As soon as I saw blood I woke up repeatedly telling myself “It’s okay it was just a nightmare.” Three days pass and my mom hasn’t gotten a phone call from my “father”, on the fourth day the scariest thing happened. My “father” calls my mom and says “There was a shooting at the place I am staying at, they didn’t get a chance to check under the bed, but my roommate was shot, there was blood everywhere.” And then he proceeded to tell my mom that he was okay and etc., but once my mom told my brother and me that this happened I couldn’t speak. I wasn’t one to believe in psychic abilities or warning I just knew by the face of my mom that I couldn’t leave her like that. Like always I never told her about this until a few years later when my “father” had the audacity to say that I stayed that year for a guy that I was seeing.


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