Because of You: Moving on (Final Chapter)

Now at age 22, I still don’t respect him either does Al who is now 16. Because of him, Al and I sibling relationship is not as tight as it used to be but Al knows there a huge difference between me and our “father” he knows that I do things for my mom and him even if they don’t work my way but he does wish I didn’t stay here that one year. He knows that I actually love my mom and him and that I don’t care about myself. Because of him, my relationship with my mom is not as it used to be, either is Al’s or my mom relationship because of him. We three still love each other but because of him their things that I feel and will always feel because of him. Because of him, I grew stronger facing whatever battle life threw at me, because of him, I have a huge desire to leave home now that I’m back. Because of him, I refuse to date anyone with similar features or personality. Because of him, I got scars that will never go away. Because of him, we lost our home and stable income, because of him my brother doesn’t get to enjoy his teenage years like he supposed to. Because of him being our “father” our mom wants us to respect him but I can’t because respect is earned not given. Now at age 22, he only comes home to eat because he doesn’t have enough, he only comes for one day sometimes two days a week, thinking he has the title of being our “father” telling us what to do. The most recent thing that he said to me was that out of the eight kids he has I was the laziest one, that I didn’t want to work and that he was going to take my mom with him to his job so that she can work. I have no idea what came over me, but I just ran to my mom’s arms and started balling my eyes out but I was able to say to his face and my mom face “Well, you wouldn’t know since you never here.” Yet again, my mom takes his side and tells me that even if he wasn’t my “father” he is elderly and that you should respect the elderly. Once again to me, respect is earn not given. Because of him being disabled and giving so much time to my mom, Al and I simply ignore him and stay in our rooms or out of the house. Our mom doesn’t put up with him like she used to but her words from the other day still hurt because of him she said: “Yes, I am going to go work with him you and Al aren’t always going to be there for me.” Al and I know that she didn’t mean it in this way that you guys are thinking but it still hurts because of him she setting us free.


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