Because of You: Again

Again, time went by I went to school got things I wanted to do done. I only called “father” because my mom told me he was calling me when in reality he never did. For my mom sake both my brother and I tried to get along with our “father” Yet again he fails to show us why he deserves a second chance from either of us. At age 20, I came home for the holidays, I pick up Al who was age 14 from school to surprise him. When we got home, I serve Al and I some food, seeing that he was on vacation we planned movies and shows we wanted to see. As we are planning there a knock on the door. I may have been 20 but I don’t answer the door to no one especially if my brother is there, that is something mom always taught us. So we ignore it until the lady with a long brown hair, starts knocking again and asking for my father since the walls are thin I replied: “He not here he somewhere down south.” My initial instinct is this lady crazy, could he be cheating on my mom again?” Al calls my mom while I’m talking to this lady and thus my mom calls my “father” This lady stayed in her car for a good 15 minutes my mom told me to call the cop since I already told that he wasn’t here. Since the cops stations was a few min away they came quickly and I will never forget the words that this lady said to the officer “I really wish these kids knew what their father truly is.” I also will never forget that the cop knew before I did what she meant by that. She handed a bag to me with clothes and a note, after everyone left Al and I check it, clothes of our so called “father” that our mom brought him for special occasions and a note that confirmed our suspicions. From that day Al lost respect for him well whatever little respect he had. He also threatened him of calling the cops if he ever laid a finger on me or our mother.


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