Because of You: Pure Hatred

Warning Strong language and viewer discretion is advised

Rachel Platten Fight Song

As time went by I did not tolerate him, I grew to hate him with a burning passion that I did not know existed inside my 115 lbs body. I however still fear him, and enjoy the time he was out of the dam house. Now I don’t know what started this fight or conversation but I do remember telling him how much I hated him. I was 17 years old, junior year of high school. Al wasn’t home he was at a school function my mom was there and like always and to this day still takes his side. I remember telling him “7/8 of your kids hated you, the one who truly loves you doesn’t know what a monster you can be”. He threaten me that if I didn’t shut up he was going to hit me thus I reply “Go ahead, I will call the cops.” I don’t remember what he said to me in respond to that but I do remember my mom got in the middle so that he wouldn’t hit me. As she was telling me to be more respectful because no matter what he will always be my “father” a cop shows up. Furious he came to my room dreaming to see my phone, but again my mom got in the middle and told him it’s wasn’t me. Turns out we were arguing really  loudly and that our neighbors called the cops. I should have use that chance to run from him but I didn’t because unlike him I actually care about others.


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