Because of You: It Just the Beginning

This is a short story of things that have happen in my life due to having a not so great father. Caution: This has extreme language and abusive messages

Warning Strong language and viewer discretion is advised

If you experience this amount of emotion abuse please get help, please talk to someone. I wish I did, and although I have come so far in life, I still do fear him thus I try to find job and places far from here.

Chapter 1: Caught Cheating

I was just six years old when the first thing happened because of my father. I don’t call him father no papa or papi to me he does not deserve the title. Yet, my mom thinks otherwise just because he “helped” bring us into this world. However, I do thank him for getting my mom and me out of that hell hole of a country. ….That does not give him any reason to do the things that I did not know he was cable of.

At age 6 I became a big sister to my younger brother Alexander, or Al for short. At Age 6 I became an adult because my “father” didn’t want to change Al’s diapers.

At age 6 I got beat up. Not your typical beat up

Voicemail: Hey Mike it’s me Eliz come over to my house and we can have fun time

Voicemail: Hey mike, I know your wife not home call me when you can.

I knew something was up, who would keep calling my dad and especially when my mom not home. The babysitter had a strange look on her face but she was so exhausted that she went back to sleep. I on the other hand call my mom

Mom: Hey honey, are you okay?

Me: Yeah, mom this lady keeps calling dad

Mom: Did she leave any messages? If so can you play some of them for me, so I can hear?

Me: Yes, here you go

I do what I was told; trying to figure out what was going on. My mom stood silent for a long time until she was able to say

Mom: Sweetie, I want you to call back that number, and tell her to stop calling your father. We are a happy family of four and don’t need anybody trying to ruin that.

I do what I was told once more, what I didn’t expect or what my mom didn’t expect was that my so called father was going to beat me up for being “rude” to his minster or for simply getting involved.

Do you want to hear the truth?

I got beat up, bad. I got hit on my ass, on my head, marks’s on my legs and yelled at. I swear he growl at me “If you don’t stay out of this, I will end you.” Shaken up, and seeing him like this for the first time, I didn’t know what to do thus I went to my room until my mom came home. I stayed in my room for three hours, crying not once checking on my little five month old brother. Once my mom got home, well, she also got yelled at, but she didn’t do anything. She stayed with him, she told me not to get involved anymore. As I grew older and saw what a total a whole he could be I had no idea why she stayed with him. Her simple answer is because she was scared; she was scared that day as much as I was.


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